How to Pay Yourselves as Worker Owners (English)

While we are currently now taxed as a c corp for tax purposes, we have extensive experience dealing with being treated as an LLC taxed as a partnership. Since LLC members are treated as owners and are not considered employees, we could not simply use a payroll service provider and issue ourselves W-2s at the end of the year.  Because of this, we created a system to pay ourselves and pay estimated taxes. This system takes into account the various factors that affect pay for worker owners. Given that many worker cooperatives are in a similar situation, we recorded a training to help others who are seeking support on how to pay yourselves while navigating profitability for the cooperative. 

We offer live trainings and consulting on this subject - you are welcome to reach out to us about this at wholeheartedbookkeeping[at] However, the below is a good place to start for small businesses and cooperatives that are looking for guidance on this topic. 

What does this package include?

  • A recording of our training (approx 1 hr video)
  • Access to our customizable spreadsheet tool
  • Up to 30 min of our time with any questions you may have regarding the tool (either through email communication or via Zoom)

English Version ($100 - 300 sliding scale)

Spanish Version ($50 - 300 sliding scale)