Meet Our Team

Iliana S-D Reinhardt

Iliana S-D Reinhardt is an Intuitive Analyst. She is a bilingual (Spanish) professional bookkeeper with a Bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Development and Mathematics from Columbia University. Most recently, she was a Senior Accounting Specialist at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. She has lived in Mexico, New York City, Buenos Aires, and Southern California. Her passion lies in being of service to others and to the Earth. Her hope is to bring linearity, order, and structure to other people’s finances while also weaving kindness, love, and blessings in the work that she does.

See LinkedIn for professional history

Emma Yorra

Emma Yorra is a Brooklyn-based, Spanish-speaking cooperative bookkeeper, writer and organizer. She has 14 years of experience bringing her financial management and facilitation skills to cooperatives, movement nonprofits, and small businesses.  She is passionate about the power of clean books and liberatory budgeting.  She loves to help others develop the skills and confidence they need to effectively run their organizations. Emma worked for three years as a Bookkeeper, Consultant and Financial Educator at A Bookkeeping Cooperative, where she was also a worker owner.  She has served as treasurer on boards, developed and financed worker cooperatives, and earned a Masters in Social Economics and Cooperative Business Management from Mondragon University (thesis here: longer / shorter).

See LinkedIn for Emma’s professional history and here for some of her creative (non-finance) work.

Kindle Dunning

Kindle lives in the woods of western New York and has 8 years of experience as a bookkeeper supporting non-profits and small businesses. She believes that financial tracking is a tool that can empower informed decision making and support alignment of values and resources.

Nicole J. Rodriguez

Nicole is a bilingual NYC native who cares about establishing fair work practices and good tea. She has worked with other worker cooperatives providing administrative support and helped establish a cooperative coffee shop in NYC. She is a self-taught bookkeeper with 3 years experience.

Members of Wholehearted Bookkeeping have independently experienced firsthand the ways in which the medical system, our culture, and places of work pathologize people who are neuro-divergent or who or who simply choose to explore realities beyond those available to us through our five senses. As such, they are committed to supporting other healers, spiritual teachers, magicians, mothers, and wildlings who are courageously diving into the unknown and creating the new world we need and deserve.