A discovery call is our first call together! During this initial call, we will meet on Zoom for 45 minutes to review your specific needs and priorities so we can send you a customized service proposal. For clients with an active Quickbooks Online subscription, we will ask that you share your screen so we can gain a better understanding of the state of your current books.
Excellent question! We usually dedicate multiple hours with a potential client - from initial contact to signing an engagement letter. The charge for the initial call allows us to cover a portion of this work and helps us ensure that clients only contact us when they are serious about potentially working with us. As a deliverable, clients receive our proposal document which they can take to other providers if they desire. Ultimately, we don't want this initial charge to be a barrier to working with us. We assign a credit of half the value of the call towards future services.
Bookkeeping involves the routine recording and tracking of financial transactions in an organization or enterprise. It is essential for both tax readiness and for understanding the financial health of a business.
No. While we can support you with tax readiness, we do not prepare tax returns. This may change in the future.
We offer both hourly and flat rate prices, depending on your needs. Flat rates are reserved for one-off projects or recurring services. A price proposal will be sent out after an initial discovery call. Please see our Pricing page for more information.
While we have experience with other software, we are currently only offering services through Quickbooks Online.
New QBO subscribers who work with us have access to discounted monthly rates. For users who already have a regular subscription, we are unable to offer any discounts. If you are a nonprofit, we recommend going to TechSoup to purchase an ultra-reduced annual subscription.
We accept payment via ACH transfer, Melio, and Quickbooks Payment. ACH transfer is required for recurring services (monthly, quarterly, etc).
For monthly clients, you can expect to interact with us around 2-3 times a month. For quarterly clients, you can expect to hear from us 2-3 times per quarter. As long as we receive all the necessary data, you can expect to have the books closed 15 business days after the month/quarter ends. Please note that ONLY weekly (high touch) clients can expect to receive immediate support on a weekly or daily basis per our signed engagement letter.