Our Story

We are a proud worker cooperative, which means we are bookkeeper-owned and run. We are part of a movement for an economy which works for all, and which prioritizes people and planet over profit. We uplift international cooperative values and principles including care for community, cooperation amongst cooperatives, training and education, equity, and solidarity. Our bookkeepers bring an owner’s level of care and concern to each of their clients.

Our Vision

The name Wholehearted Bookkeeping comes from our intention to join the mind and the heart. Bookkeeping is inherently a mental and analytical task. But with us, we know it’s not just about the numbers. It’s about the people we love, the communities we serve, and the Earth we call home. Our vision is to serve clients who are making a difference through their work, organization or business. We make it easy for you to do what you love while having peace of mind that your company’s finances are in order.