Wholehearted Bookkeeping has been a delight to work with and they rescued us when we had a handful of bookkeeping challenges at Sustainable Economies Law Center! Emma, Iliana, and Garrick helped us catch up on an 8-month bookkeeping backlog, solved a bunch of puzzles in our books, and helped us prepare for an audit all on a very short timeline! They are kind and lovely humans, which makes it fun to be in meetings with them and solving problems together. Their whole team brings a range of skills and experience working with specific platforms (Gusto, Bill.com, etc) and in specialized areas, like nonprofit accounting and audits. They set up a great work-flow system with us to ensure tasks don’t fall through the cracks, and have been helping streamline our systems. We also have an unusual organizational structure and a lot of staff involved in our financial work, and they have been very adaptable in working with our structures. 

Here are some additional testimonials from members of our financial team:

Sue: I have enjoyed working with Emma and Garrick so much and I have learned so much from them. They are patient with our decentralized work group and so supportive of our whole team. I am so relieved by their “we can do that” attitude. They’ve taken the time to understand our systems and help us improve them without forcing us to change things in ways that don’t fit for us.

Erika: +1 everything said already! In addition, I’ve found them very flexible and quick to respond to questions and requests.

From our friends at the Sustainable Economies Law Center

Wholehearted has a wonderful team of incredibly smart members. They’re very patient and are sure to check in along the way during every meeting. They’re consistent and stay in communication with you regularly. Quality services and beautiful people. Also, shout out to Emma and Iliana!

From Jamilah at GrooveVsn


I can’t say enough good things about Wholehearted Bookkeeping!!! I was a complete mess when I was introduced to them and I initially brought them on to help clean up my books. I mostly work with Emma, and she is so kind and patient and never makes me feel self conscious when I ask questions that I know I should have the answers to after owning a business for nine years. I have now brought them on to do my monthly bookkeeping because I feel they are the perfect support I need to finally feel like I am not only organized and on top of everything, but that I am also involved and educated along the way.

From Ashley Adam at Kinnect Fitness


I was referred to Wholehearted Bookkeeping by a dear friend and in the first 6 months of working with them, I feel so well taken care of. My books were a bit of a mess as I have multiple accounts and small business activities. Iliana has been so understanding and patient with me and has set me up for an easier life with cleaned up books!

From Briget Boyle Music