We offer the following to help you see if we might be a good fit for each other. We have developed these prices and policies with the goal of sustainably running our cooperative in a way that provides members with a livable wage, covers our internal costs and makes our services accessible to our communities and movements. We know there is great power and healing in financial work, and we make these offerings with integrity, intention, balance and transparency.  

Discovery Call

Starting January 2023, we will charge $250 for our initial call. We will offer this call at a solidarity rate of $100 for clients facing significant financial barriers who are values-aligned. Please note that half of the amount paid for the call will be credited towards future services should your organization sign an engagement letter with us. We reserve the right to keep the full payment for no-shows as well as for calls where we primarily provide consulting.


  • Our standard pricing is $80 – $95/hr 
  • Our solidarity rate is $60 – $80/hr
    • These rates are reserved for individuals or small orgs who are BIPOC owned, are values-aligned, and/or have faced significant financial hurdles on account of the pandemic. 
  • Our progressive pricing is $95 – $115/hr
    • These rates are for cases where the books are highly complex/need heavy cleanup, the organization has a staff and/or client base that is largely white/wealthy, and/or the organization has substantial funding (especially by large foundations/grants). This pricing allows us to offer services at lower rates to those who otherwise cannot afford our services. 

Minimum Policy

  • For monthly full service bookkeeping, we have a minimum of 4 hours or $300 per month. 
  • For quarterly full service bookkeeping, we have a minimum of 6.5 hours or $500 per quarter. 


Our consulting rates fall within $125 – 150/ hr. We use a similar process as outlined above for determining an appropriate rate for our clients. 

Flat Rates & Packages

As much as possible we offer monthly flat rates built off the hourly rates above to help clients with planning and budgeting. We also offer packages on discrete, one time projects such as Quickbooks Online setup, training on how to do your own books, and other consulting. QBO setups cost $500 – $600 each. When the work is not aligning with the original scope, we will work with you to re-negotiate a price. 

Quickbooks Online Subscriptions

As QBO affiliates, we are able to offer slightly discounted rates (on unfortunately high retail prices) that range from $25 – $165/ month depending on subscription level. This is only for clients who do not currently have a QBO subscription, who want to establish a new set of books, or who previously received a discount with another ProAdvisor Accountant and are transferring their account.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, we stand firm in our belief that abundance, groundedness, and prosperity are not only possible, but our right as humans of this Earth. We believe that valuing ourselves means valuing our clients and sharing that energy of abundance.